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The Android phone is one of the fastest and most reliable phones on the market.  Not only that, it is also one of the most technologically advanced.  The camera that is on the phone is able to handle quite the load and has decent output.  In the Knocking Live Video Android app you will have the opportunity to put that camera to work.  This is a small mobile video camera that you can use to exchange live phone-to-phone video with friends and family.  The video quality is high and you will love the things that you can transport over the internet.  You can Knock or Invite people to participate over you phone by going through your contact list or by searching their username or email address.



  • This essentially is just a little mobile web cam that you have on your phone and can take anywhere that you go.  Doesn’t get much better than that
  • This app supports the ability to do phone to phone video streaming.  What is even better is that you can do this video streaming LIVE
  • You can set the quality of the video on this app and the highest quality is actually really good.  You will be surprised that your phone was able to pick up video like that
  • This app also has a few different search functions that you can use to find contacts.  Try using the Knock function or the Invite feature to be able to find your friends
  • The way you Knock or Invite someone is by  searching their username or email, or just through your phone on your contact list
  • This app has full integration with the social networking site Twitter.   You can tweet about it and leave comments as well.  There are new versions coming out that will soon be compatible with Facebook
  • Depending on what your mobile connection speed is you may have some low frame rates
  • You can set privacy settings on the Knock feature so that it can either access everybody or only just friends and family
  • The frame rate is usually faster if both phones are connected to the internet over WiFi


Cool idea for an app.  The live streaming video from phone to phone is a step up from the phone to web connection that has been had previously.  The only gripes that users have had about this app is that it is not yet connected to Facebook (and who doesn’t connect with Facebook in this day and age?) and also the face that there can be a slow frame rate at certain times depending on your mobile data connection.  Other than that the quality of the video is actually really high and you will be impressed with the videos you can produce on it.

Voted 4.1 out of 5 stars by Android users who have downloaded and played the game.  The app is free to download on the mobile market.

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