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The Handcent SMS Android app is a full SMS/MMS messaging app that is a great upgrade from the default system.  This messaging app is great because it gives you a lot more freedom on how you can cutomize your texting experience. You can pick your own backgrounds, your own text sizes and fonts, as well as your own color scheme.  You can also receive and store any picture messages that are sent your way.

Some of the other great features that this app offers is that you can use the text-to-speech and speech-to-text options to be able to have you phone repeat back what you wrote into it.  You can also add an SMS signature to each of your texts that you send out.



  • This is a completely free, SMS messaging tool for the Android phone
  • Includes full support for both MMS as well as SMS
  • Allows you to customize your messaging experience however you want
  • You can adjust the power functions as well as the style functions.  This includes things like the T9, predictive text, voice and search SMS, as well as popups
  • You can also add a text signature at the end of you messages
  • Has text-to-speech as well as the speech-to-text options
  • There is a batch mode option that you can pick in order to sort through a group of contacts and send out mass texts
  • Can send or receive texts from the full app or even just the popup version
  • You can save all the picture messages you get or forward them to other people if you want to
  • You can change the theme, the font size and style, as well as the background
  • You can also change the way it vibrates as well as they types of ringtones you want


This app vastly improves on the default SMS messaging on the Android.  It allows you to customize a lot more and it is easier to read through old conversations.  It also allows you to send mass texts to large batches of contacts which is great. One of the coolest features though is the ability the app has to read text back to you.  So cool.   The only weird quirk this app has it that it has a hard time keeping deleted music where it belongs.  If you delete a message but that person texts you again, it will show up again.  Other than this, however, it is an awesome app.

Voted 4.6 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently is free to download.

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