FMyLife FML Official Android app Review


Everyone has those days or those experiences that just make you sit down and say “FML”.  In the FMyLife FML Official Android app you will get to see other people’s stories, rate them, comment on them, and even add your own stories with pictures included.



  • This is a fun social networking app that lets you follow other people’s stories and experiences that would result in the classic “FML” line
  • You can navigate through the app in a few different ways.  One of the main options is the recent tab where you can go and see all of the latest posts that users have put on the app and you can laugh to yourself about all of the funny stories and experiences that have been shared
  • You can also go to the favorites section to see what some of the top rated FML posts have to say.  With any of these posts you can rate it as being something that person totally deserved or that their life really does suck
  • There is the random tab where the app will just accumulate a variety of different random posts that may be a hit or a miss.  A random option is never a bad way to go
  • Last of all, if you find some FML posts that you really like then you can save them into your favorites folder so that you can go back to them later and show them to friends
  • Every single post on the app starts with the word “Today” and ends with the phrase “FML”
  • This is the only F my Life application that was created by the official FML team
  • This version of the popular app also contains a widget
  • This is essentially an extension of the website that has become so popular
  • When posting your own personal FML stories you can also post pictures so that people get a better idea of what you are going through
  • You can also comment on all of the different stories that have been posted and have ongoing conversation with other users


The phrase “FML” has become ever more popular among teenagers these days.  This is the perfect app to wallow in self pity and laugh at others misfortunes.  You will laugh out loud at some of the stories that are shared and you can always put in your two cents on any of the posts.  The only gripes that users have had with this app is that it doesn’t always work the same on every device and it also force closes at completely random times while you are using it.  The nice thing about it is that it is free so you don’t have to feel like you ever got ripped off.

Voted 3.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download off of the Android app Market.

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