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Featured as the game of the week on many prominent Android app Review sites, the ExZeus Arcade Android app is one of the premier 3D shooter games on the Android operating system.  This game features 3D graphics, 3D sound, as well as a 3D accelerometer experience to become one great first person shooter app.   The game takes place in the future where aliens have attacked the earth and have tried to eliminate all of the humans.  There are a number of survivors that have rallied together and have build robotic combatants to get rid of the alien intruders.  These huge robot can fly around levels and have a number of cool weapons that can be used to blast enemy aliens into little bits.

The game has a unique control scheme with a mix of the 3D accelerometer as well as some on screen controls to help you aim and fire your weapons.  The graphics are fun, the gameplay is smooth, and the game is surprisingly addictive to play.  Get a hold of one of the best games of 2010 and download ExZeus Arcade today!



  • This is one of the better action packed 3D shooters for the Android
  • This little gaming app has 3D sound that lets you listen to the original soundtrack and sound effects in all of its goodness
  • You will need a WiFi connection and an SD card to be able to store the 57MB that are required to download the game data
  • This game is all based on performance so you will need a higher end Android phone to be able to support the game and play it like it was mean to be experienced
  • The graphics are all in 3D and you will be impressed with how detailed all of the characters and environments are
  • This is also a 3D accelerometer game that lets you experience it entirely in first person
  • There are a lot of cool action tasks that you will be required to do including shoot laser bolts, destroy cars and trucks, survive crashes, huge explosions, and much more
  • The controls are all multi-task and are used in correlation with the accelerometer
  • You also have certain touch screen controls that allow you to aim and fire your weapons
  • There is a tutorial that is included in the game to help you calibrate your accelerometer so that you get the most out of your gaming experience
  • There are also a number of bonuses and hidden items you can collect throughout the levels
  • There is one free 24 hour install that you can download to try the game out before you buy it


Voted 4.7 out of 5 stars by Android app users.  This app can be downloaded off of the Android market for 350 yen or there is a free trial download that you can check out.

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