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The Engadget Android app is one of the best overall sources for any kind of technology news.  This is a mobile app that you can take around with you anywhere and learn about different products and technology that are coming out into the tech market.  The user interface is really easy to use and you will enjoy navigating between the latest, topic, galleries, video and podcast tab.  You can even login and comment on any news stories or posts that you feel are worth noting.  This is a must have for any tech user that wants to stay up-to-date!



  • This app is one of the best sources for any kind of news or insights into the latest electronic gadget and technology that is coming out
  • On this app you will be able to read all kinds of news stories, reviews on products and gadgets, in depth looks at all kinds of personal laptop computers, the latest gaming technology, HDTV’s and 3D televisions, new cellular devices and so much more
  • The app is easy to navigate through and you will have a few main tabs that you can sort through with the user interface.  These include Latest, Topics, Videos, Podcast, and Galleries.
  • In the latest section you can see the hottest topics in the tech world and read up on them
  • In the topics tab you can browse through different kinds of technology and find certain things that you are interested in
  • In the videos section you can see the latest videos on products, how they work, what their features are, and much more.  You can watch all of these videos on the Android’s high resolution screen
  • The Podcast section is a great way to pass the time while you are walking, working, or doing whatever.  You can listen to in depth news about technology and how it affects us
  • Last of all you can sort through the galleries tab to find pictures of a variety of different electronics
  • You can also login to the site and comment on any stories, videos, or podcasts that have been submitted


If you like to stay up-to-date on the tech world then this is a must have app.  You will get the latest news and stories on all of the hot technology that is out right now.  You can read reviews, see videos and learn whatever you want to know about it all.  One nice feature is that you can comment on different posts so you can get your two cents out there for whatever it is worth.

Voted 4.1 out of 5 stars by other Android app users and can currently be downloaded from the online Android app market for free.

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