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The eBuddy IM Android app is one of the best messaging apps out on the market today.  One of the most distinctive features about this app is its compatibility with so many different types of messaging clients.  You can use it to talk to your friends on Facebook, you AIM buddies, MSN talk, Google Talk, Yahoo, ICQ, and even MySpace friends.  The app will automatically put all of your contacts into one buddy list and let you always see who is online.  You can run the app in the background without having to use up a ton of battery life and this way you can still see when you get notifications or invitations to chat.

You will need to set up an eBuddy account in order to do this, but once you do you have a lot of options on how you can set up  your profile.  Update your status as frequently as you would like and also check all of your friend’s statuses.



  • The eBuddy IM app allows you to text message as much as you want for free
  • The messenger is very quick and it is also very reliable
  • You can talk to people on Facebook, MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, Google Talk, and even MySpace
  • The nice part is that you can put all of your IM friends from these different services all into one buddy list that is easy to manage
  • You can have this message app always running in the background so that you receive alerts and notifications every time someone tries to talk to you
  • This app also has some battery saving components while it is running but it may delay messages just a little bit while these are running
  • You will first need to set up an eBuddy account so that you can contact all of these other messenger clients and add your contacts to your buddy list
  • You can view you friends’ quick profiles, start up chats, and also see the status of all of your friends
  • You can even change your own status and use emoticons/ the buzz feature
  • This is a great all-around messaging app to bring all of your friends’ different messaging clients all into one


This actually  a pretty stunning messenger app because you have a lot of freedom in who you can contact.  You can talk to people from almost every single messaging service out there.  The nice thing is that you only need one buddy list in order to talk to everybody, rather than having multiple accounts for each service.  The only downside is that eBuddy makes you sign up with them and have an account.  It’s always a pain to have to sign up with another service.  But other than that, it’s actually a pretty decent messaging app and you will enjoy the convenience of being able to talk to all of your friends and contacts without constantly switching services.

Voted 3.9 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download on the mobile market.

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