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With the eBay Android app you can keep track of all of your different purchasing and selling needs!  With this app, you can get online and track all of your items and also keep up to date on whether or not you have been outbid or if the auction is ending.  You can also update you profile and read other buyer and seller profiles to make sure they are trustworthy

The app also uses PayPal for transaction purposes which makes it super easy to manage.  You can also leave feedback on any purchases and use the advanced search functions.



  • This app brings the ever popular eBay right to your mobile phone.  You have the ability to buy, sell, or manage all kinds of items at any point in the day
  • This app has a variety of different search features as well.  You can access the voice search function to just speak into the phone’s microphone and have the app bring up a selection of items that you might be interested in
  • You can also set up the app to give you alerts for both buyers and sellers, whichever you are participating in
  • This app makes it much easier to leave feedback so you can eBay maintain a good grasp on those that are trustworthy and those that aren’t
  • This app also lets you do payments through PayPal very easily and quickly
  • You can get specific notifications for when an ending items have been outbid etc
  • You can view all of your Won, Bid, Didn’t Win, Unsold, SOld, and other scheduled items right from your phone
  • View buyer and seller profiles to get more information before you purchase or sell anything


This is the latest and greatest eBay app to come out and allows you to have quite a bit of control over the items that you are wishing to buy and sell.  You get notifications, alerts, and information items that are about to end their auctioning.  The only downside to this app is that you do not have the ability to post items for sale from your phone.  That would be a nice feature and will probably be added in the future but for now you will have to use your computer to list and use this app to keep track of it.

Voted 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and doesn’t cost anything to download.

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