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The CNET Scan & Shop Android app is a great tool in order for you to make sure that you are not paying too much for the items that you are shopping for.  Simply take the item that you are looking at purchasing and scan the barcode with the app and then watch as it brings up the CNET editor to show you local and online prices as well as customer reviews.  You will get a great view of what other retailers are offering it for as well as what other customers like yourself thought of the overall product.  Once you find items you like you can also add them to your wish list and favorites list for future reference.



  • This is a great shopper tool for you to be able to find the best prices on products that you are searching for
  • Simply scan the barcode of the item that you are interested in and it will send you to the CNET editor so that you can see all of the reviews that have been put up by other consumers
  • You can use this tool to compare the prices of the item with those that are online.  You can also see what other local retailers are selling the product for as well
  • When you find products that you really like then you can actually create a wishlist and put all of your favorite products on there
  • You can also use the alert feature to get price notifications
  • This app has full connectivity with social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, among others
  • You can also email your friends and family the prices of an item if you find a really good deal through the use of the CNET editor
  • You can also scan different QR codes


This is very similar to other barcode scanners such as ShopSavvy except you have the added ability to check the CNET reviews on different products as well as seeing other prices locally and online.  The reviews really set this app apart from the others because you have a better idea of what products are rated well and if you should invest your money in the product.  Additionally, the wish list and favorites list are also nice so you can store items that you would like to go  back to later.  It is also nice that you can email results to other people if you want.  Overall, a great shopping tool to make sure you are getting the best bargains on all of the different items that you are shopping for day in and day out.

Voted 4.4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and this app is currently free for you to download.

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