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The CardioTrainer Android app is the perfect way to keep track of all your cardio activities whether it be biking, hiking, running, jogging, or walking.  The app has a built in pedometer that is guided by GPS and will help you to keep track of pace, elevation, time, calories and much more.  You will also be able to upload your results online and share information and statistics with friends and family.  This is the perfect fitness companion.



  • This is the perfect companion that enjoys cycling, jogging, running. hiking, and any other personal fitness activity that there is to do
  • One of the options that you can access is to race against your previous tracks so that you can try and improve your times and increase your speed
  • The app also has a pedometer GPS so that you can keep track of each and every step all in real-time
  • This app will also record the pace of your walk, run, or hike, as well as the path and altitude you are climbing at
  • The CardioTrainer app also keeps track of how many calories that you burn with each individual workout
  • Once you have calculated your results you can then upload them to the website to keep good records, and also to help motivate you and friends to keep exercising and get your bodies into shape
  • The app also has a few other fun features including the autopause feature if you need to take a break, as well as the voice output function
  • You can see a history of all of your past workouts and paths in the history tab
  • There is a goal setting section on the app so that you can allow it to be your own personal trainer
  • You can listen to all of your favorite music as you use the app and the voice over feature will talk over the top of it so it won’t disrupt your song library
  • If you like this app enough then you can upgrade to the premium version to get even more options and features


This is a great fitness app that will give you accurate statistics and let you see your progress.  The GPS pedometer is great and will literally track every single step you take.  The ability to upload your runs and hikes is also a great feature and will allow you to work out with friends and family over long distances.  The fact that this app is free is even cooler, because it really has a lot to offer.  If you are serious about getting into shape then this is the app for you.

Voted 4.5 out of 5 stars by online Android app users and you can currently download this fitness app for free on the Android app Market.

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