Waze: Community GPS Navigation app Review


Finally, a truly ingenious navigation app for the Android!  Waze is onto something with this idea of using drivers’ daily traffic patterns to give instant uploads of information to your smartphone.   It also provides GPS navigation and is only completely beneficial when there are a lot of other users on the Android App.  Waze takes into consideration of all of the other users on the app can let you know where the most congested areas are.  Waze: Community GPS Navigation is a great way to get useful information, as long as the market is saturated with users.  Another great part about this app is that users are able to document different roads and paths that have not been mapped by the bigger map databases.

The Waze app may sound a little complicated, but it is actually very easy to use.  The best way to start using it is to just open up the app while you are driving.  It is best to set your route before you start driving or you could get yourself in trouble trying to set the route and drive at the same time.

Once again, the best way to use this app is to get others in your community to use it too.  The more people that use it, the better informed you will be about roads and conditions.



  • Real-time crowd sourcing mapping abilities
  • Shows traffic, police traps, accidents, road blocks, and more
  • GPS capabilities
  • Quality voice overs
  • Potentially a very useful app as more users catch on


With any Android app, there are always going to be pros and cons.  The good parts about this app are that the ideas behind it are genius.  To be able to access information from other drivers on the road is the best way to predict traffic patterns.  The Waze app also has very good components for crowd source mapping.  It is also a GPS app that is great to use every day and not just on trips.  The bad things about it are that it can be a real distraction when driving, and probably qualify you for illegal driving practices that you could get pulled over for.  Also, if there are not a lot of people in your community using Waze, then it is not very effective.  And the biggest problem is that there is no voice activated searching features.

Voted 3.7 Stars by Android app users and is currently free to download.

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