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Have you ever been driving around and have wondered where all the cops are hiding out?  You know they are there somewhere but you just aren’t sure where they are.  The fact of the matter is that most policemen find their special spot known as a speed trap.  Speed traps are everywhere throughout the country and throughout the world.  It’s like a fisherman’s favorite fishing hole.

As you are well aware, radar equipment is extremely expensive and kind of hard to get your hands on.  They are even illegal in some states.  Instead of paying all of this money, there is a great new Android App called Trapster.  Trapster is a map application for the Android which shows you your location and the known speed traps in the area.  The greatest thing about this app is that it is connected to a database that is constantly growing.  This database is created and updated by people just like yourself.  if you are driving around, do yourself and your friends a favor by paying it forward and letting people know where the speed traps are.



  • Trapster gives you a heads up on well known police speed traps.
  • The crowd resource data base is great for real time GPS input
  • See what speed traps are near your location so you can adjust your speed accordingly
  • The app shows you the approximate distance between traps
  • There is even an audio feedback option to talk to you and tell you about the upcoming speed trap
  • There are fun voices that mimick Arnold Swarchenegger, Austin Powers, Bill Clinton, and yes even George Bush!
  • The app can give you directions that avoid speed traps to your destinations.


This app for the Google Android phone has gotten stellar reviews and has been given a user rating of 5 out of 5 stars!  This is a very highly rated app and an app that can save you a lot of money.  Because it is updated by users, you can get extremely accurate data when driving around and avoid speeding tickets.   This is definitely a pay it forward app.  This app is designed to help you out by you helping out others.  The app will show you the last time a speed trap was updated so you can see how recent the police man was actually present at the location.  This app is a fun way to avoid the pitfalls of speeding tickets while alerting your fellow man.

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