Speedx 3D Android app Review


This is one of the best android apps out there if you love to use the accelerometer technology.  The Speedx 3D Android app is a very precisely controlled tunnel simulation.  You will use the accelerometer in order to twist and turn your way around the tunnels and make it to the finish line.  You will have to have fast reflexes and a high top speed in order to beat out your competitors and win the prize.  You can play this game online against random strangers or you can play the single player racing modes that allow you to travel through stunning 3D graphics and see entirely new courses and backgrounds.

The gameplay on this is amazing.  It responds accurately and precisely to tilting movements and sharp turns.  Not only that, it is also accompanied by smooth graphics and some really entertaining background music.  You will find yourself refining your skills trying to beat out high scores that are posted on the online leader boards.

As far as fast paced, 3D racing games go, this is the best.  The game offers non stop action and a variety of different features to keep you busy for hours and hours.  You will see how addicting the game is after only playing it for only a few minutes.  The trick of the game is to race through the courses while avoiding obstacles and ledges.  As you avoid these pitfalls you will be able to start racking up the points and make a dent on the Online Rankings.

You will use colored indicators to see when obstacles are coming, so watch out for them as you are racing.  Also, look for the small orange squares in order to boost your scores and keep you in the game.



  • Full use of the accelerometer as you use tilting motions to swerve around the tunnel and planed tracks
  • Smooth 3D graphics that keep up with the uptempo feel of the game
  • Excellent background music to help you really get into the app
  • Has an online leader board where you can see other top scores and try and beat them
  • Can compete against other opponents online
  • Collect small orange squares in order to get points and stay in the race
  • Look out for the color trails that signify an upcoming obstacle


One of the best 3D apps out on the Android so far.

Voted 4.6 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently runs for $0.75.

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