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The Android has finally come out with a great space arcade game.  It comes in the form of the Space War Android app.  The game has you guiding your own fighter spacecraft destroying any enemy that gets in your way.  You will work your way through the outer reaches of the universe as you fly towards the greatest threat in the galaxy.  Along the way you will destroy hordes of alien ships and monsters.  Your ammunition and armor will attain upgrades as you continue to be successful in your space battles.  If you are a good enough pilot, you will make it to the last boss for the Final Showdown!

This is a classic arcade game, all in a 2D overhead view.  You will get to levels that are quite difficult and you will have to dodge space blasters while still defeating all of your enemies.  In some of the levels you will have to either dodge or destroy asteroids that are headed your way.  As you destroy enemies and asteroids you will find extra health upgrades as well as different shooting modes and armor for your ship.  The key to the game is to either capture the highest score or beat the final boss.  Before you start out in the game, you can pick your level of difficulty that you wish to try.  Be aware that the higher levels are very challenging and probably won’t be beaten in the first couple of tries.

Have fun as you soar through the galaxies trying to bring peace to the universe once again.  Muster your courage and take on your enemies in epic space battles!



  • Classic 2D overhead gameplay view
  • Dodge or blast asteroids, enemies, and other monsters as you  make your way to the final boss
  • You can upgrade your health, weapons, and shields as you defeat challenges
  • Different difficulties of play for more skilled players
  • Final boss that is quite a challenge


Space War has the feel of a classic arcade game, and even feels like it.  If that is all that you are looking for in this Android app, then you will love it.  If you were expecting better graphics or more features, then you might walk away a little disappointed.  It is a free app so you can’t expect too much, but even so they probably could have spiced up the graphics and animations a little bit.

Voted 3.3 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download.

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