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This is one of the greater tower defense Android apps out there.  It is great for any situation because you can pull open your phone and begin right where you left off.  The Robo Defense app is set up where you are in an open field and you must stop the enemies from reaching the other side of the playing field.  You start out with a certain number of lives and you lose a life each time a bad guy reaches the end of the field.

You have a few different weapons at your disposal.  You start out with basic editions of each type of weapon, and can upgrade once you get more money.  You start out with a basic gun turret, a slime tower that slows your enemies down, and a rocket launcher.  The turret has the smallest area that it covers while the rocket can shoot things over long distances.  The turret is also the cheapest, costing only $5.  The Slime Tower costs $10, and the Rocket Launcher costs $20.  As you kill bad guys you get more money for the harder they are to kill.  As you get more money you can upgrade these towers into advanced flame throwers, anti-air missile throwers and artillery guns.  You will love upgrading your towers and seeing them wreak havoc on the little men trying to pass through your defenses.

One of the great things about this Android app is that it has a variety of different difficulty levels and playing fields to compete on.  Also, the more points you get each round the more things you can upgrade before you even begin playing the game.  You can win achievements, extra lives, and better weapons all from the start-up menu.  You get points awarded to you as to how well you did in each round.



  • Three different basic towers:  Slime Tower, Gun Turret, and Rocket Launcher
  • Gun Turret can turn into an anti missile tower, or a flame thrower
  • Slime Turret only upgrades to heavier slime abilities
  • Rocket Launcher upgrades to surface-air turret or armory/artillery gun
  • Lots of upgrades available for each tower
  • You can sell towers and rebuild them elsewhere if your current strategy isn’t working
  • Your game automatically saves when you leave the app, allowing you to start where you left off
  • Tons of achievements and upgrades you can accomplish on the start-up menu depending on the points you earned in the actual game
  • 11 different difficulty levels


This is one of the best Android apps out there.  The graphics may not be as sharp as other games but the gameplay sure is.  You get to try and stop jets, helicopters, tanks, soldiers, and so much more with your tower strategy defense.

Voted 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is free to download the trial, or you can get the full version for $2.99.

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