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Radiant Android game app is a totally awesome remake of the old classic arcade game of Space Invaders.  If you ever liked that game, which could be fun and addicting, you ain’t seen nothing yet!  This throwback Space Invaders game has an incredibly modern twist.  The old-school graphics from the original are combined with glowing neon colors and awesome sound effects and music to make this a super fun and addictive game.  Everything vibrates when you crash into obstacles.  Use the touch screen, trackball or keypad for controls.  Your mission is to shoot the invading aliens while dodging enemy missiles.  Unlike in the original game, the aliens in Radiant do not move on a set path down your screen with the main challenge being the speed with which they move.  These creeps and super creeps move in a variety of paths, up, down, in circles, weaving back and forth in snakelike dances as they rain their bombs down on your rocket.   You not only have to dodge what they send at you, but also random comets as you work to gain enough points to complete the mission.  As you hit certain point levels, you have the option to buy upgraded weapons to make you even more formidable to the invading alien horde.  What a great Android app!

This exciting arcade game app mixes it up even more by giving you giant monsters to face after you shoot through hundreds of average creeps.  The unique bossfights are thrilling.  The more points you rack up lets you collect special weapons and power-ups.  You will need to pick these up along the way to help you beat those supercreep bosses.  Tap your ship to display your arsenal of weapons.  Tap on the weapon to change it.  To pause the game, tap the back button or tap your ship twice.  As you increase your point totals you can upgrade your ship and move toward saving your home world.  Small hints will be revealed as you have conversations with your mission commander.  The more you play, the more you know, and you are on your way to beating the biggest boss of all.



  • Retro 8-bit style graphics with an overall radiant glow
  • Amazing sound effects and sound tracks
  • Use keypad, trackball or touch screen for controls
  • Rack up points for weapons upgrades
  • Game hints through conversation with mission commander
  • Tap ship to display weapons arsenal
  • Fight hundreds of aliens to get to the big bosses
  • Add your name to the online leaderboard


Radiant is an addictive, fun twist to the old Space Invaders arcade game.  It is currently rated 4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users, and can be downloaded for free.

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