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If you have ever played Tetris or Bejewelled or other such games, you already know how addictive Puzzle Blox is going to be.  Knowing how to play those other games gives you a heads up on how easy it is to learn, but the Puzzle Blox app has its own twist on the classic puzzle game app.  You may never get tired of playing  this Android game app as you work to clear more than one hundred challenging levels – by tapping and twisting your phone.  That’s right, the Puzzle Blox app uses the accelerometer in your phone as you twist it in various directions and tap three or more blocks to clear the screen.  The challenge is that you have to do it without leaving fewer than three blocks of any single color or you will receive the “YOU FAILED!” signal.  There are the moving blocks that you are trying to eliminate, but also stationary blocks which become obstacles to your path.  Each level brings on a new puzzle with additional challenges. The Puzzle Blox Android app allows for Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert levels of playing complexity.  Each time you complete a level, it is saved and you can check the high scores on each level.

The Puzzle Blox app also allows you to connect with the online community and check the online High scores.  This way you can see where you rank as you work your way up to the Expert levels and beat your own scores on lower levels.  Although the graphics are fairly simple, with basic colored blocks, this puzzle game app is crazy addicting and you won’t want to put it down.  The combination of the phone’s accelerometer with the vibration and sound effects is awesome.  It puts a totally new twist on winning the game.  There is even an inertial dropping of the blocks that combines with the vibrations of the blocks as each hits the walls.



  •  More than 100 Exciting and challenging game levels
  • Accelerometer activated directional moves
  • Four levels of game play
  • Saved levels
  • High score list
  • Sound effects and vibration


Puzzle Blox was designed to cleverly use the accelerometer in combination with the sound effects and vibration to solve the puzzles.  With all of the available game levels and the four degrees of difficulty, this Android game app will give you hours of challenging game play. Puzzle Blox is rated 4.1 out of 5 stars by Android app users and can be downloaded for free.

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