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The Protector Android app works to keep all of your applications safe with the use of a password.  You can use this option to protect your e-mail, calendar, G-mail, SMS, Chat, Photo Album, Personal Settings, and so much more.  This app is great to help you protect your personal and confidential information from getting out.  It also allows you to protect yourself from anyone trying to mess with your information and pull a prank on you.  For instance, you can put password protection on your Facebook account so that unsuspecting friends can’t steal your phone and put incredulous status updates on there for the whole world to see.

This is one of those Android apps that has done a good job of being thorough.  Sometimes protection apps can only go so far and you can usually use Android task management to stop the protector app from running and then get into the information.  This is not true with this app.  The Protector app forces you to enter a pin code to access and open all of the apps you have designated on your phone.  To uninstall the Protector app you even have to enter the pass code first.

The Protector App has a default list of apps that it protects and you can add to that list as you download more apps.  This is a nice feature, so that you don’t have to manually go through and pick each and every single app that you want to be protected.  The Protector Android app recognizes apps that handle personal and secure information and makes sure that it protects it right off the bat.



  • Protects all secure information apps such as G-mail, e-mail, personal settings, SMS text, pictures, notepad, and your calendar
  • Prompts you to enter in a pin-code before getting into any of these types of programs
  • You can customize which of your apps you would like to be protected or not
  • There are other app features that can be customized with this app as well
  • The system is solid and there aren’t any shortcuts to bypass the system without entering the pincode
  • Has a default list of apps that it automatically protects
  • Has a pin code recovery system in case you forget your password altogether


If you are running your business from your phone or just don’t like your annoying friends messing with your phone then the Protector Android app is a great way to keep your valuable information safe and sound.

Voted 4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users and can be downloaded for $0.99.

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