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If you use Windows applications and programs, this app is the perfect segway between your Google Android phone and your Windows Desktop or laptop computer.  This app provides you with full internet access so that you can access all of your e-mail, instant messaging programs, without changing a single setting.    The greatest thing about this app for the android phone, is that you can be using your computer anywhere, and turn your phone into an internet connection.  The usability of this app allows you to keep all of your computer settings the same while it just utilizes your android phone as an internet connection to the world.

Instead of having to buy an expensive USB wireless 3G device to put into your computer to get internet, bypass this whole process by turning your Internet phone into an internet connection.  This app is great because it saves you money, gives you internet access, and gives you a decent download and upload speed so you can use your computer on the internet without being bogged down by slow internet speeds and slow download upload speeds.  This app is definitely worth a try for anyone that is looking for a way to connect their computer to the internet.



  • The app is extremely easy to use as you plug your phone into your computer with a US cable
  • Once the phone is plugged into the computer, simply turn the app on with the touch of a button
  • The app can be turned on via the task bar on your computer or by tapping the button on the phone
  • Once the app is turned on, your computer reads it as an internet connection without having to change any settings.
  • The app can be turned off by using Windows task bar, or by touching the OFF button on the phone.


This app is widely popular as it eliminates the need to buy a separate internet connection device from your cell phone carrier and network.  These extra devices can sometimes cost an upwards of around $40 to $60 dollar extra a month on top of the cell phone plan and bill that you pay.  This app bypasses this pay service that you would normally have to take advantage of.  This app works for the Palm Pre, and any Android phone.  This app has received a 4 out of 5 star rating by Android app users and is extremely popular and highly downloaded.

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