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There is not too much to be said about this jumping game other than that it is… a jumping game.  While it may be an incredibly simple concept, the game does a great job delivering a quality and fun experience.  PapiJump fully utilizes the Android app accelerometer that is found within Android phones.  You will tilt, shake, and turn the phone in order to get Mr. Papi up to the top of the level.

Mr. Papi, the red ball, is just eternally bouncing upward and it is up to you to make sure he lands on platforms and continues to climb higher and higher.  The trick is to make sure you don’t turn and tilt too much or you will miss the platforms and fall all the way back down.  The point of the game is to go higher as the level gets faster and more difficult.  The higher you get, the more points you receive.  You will find yourself playing for hours and hours as you try and beat your previous high scores.  This is a predecessor to the Abduction! Android app that has also been released on the Android phones.  This is a much more basic version of the game and is purely meant to give you the thrill of using the accelerometer and pile on the points.



  • Posted high scores, and you can see your previous high scores
  • Great use of the Accelerometer as you tilt, turn, and shake your mobile device
  • Easy user interface, and simple to get the hang of it
  • Gets more difficult the farther up the platforms you go


The idea of this game is really the only thing it has going for it.  Now that there are other jumping Android apps out there, PapiJump is a little bit outdated.  If you have never played a jumping action game then it is worth it to try out how it reacts with the accelerometer.  But if you are already familiar with the gameplay and interface of these kinds of games it is probably time to move on to an app that has some more exciting graphics and a few more features.  This is just a really basic version of all games that use the accelerometer to enhance the gameplay.  Worth a try if you never have before, but the replay value isn’t that great.

Voted 3.7 out of 5 stars by Android App users and is currently free to download.

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