Opera Mini 5 Beta Android App Review


There are several different web browsers out there on the market.  Some of these web browsers include Windows Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome, but what web browser works the best for the Android Phone?  The Opera Mini 5 Beta app is a fantastic web browser to install on your Google Android Phone.    The app provides a browser that has a faster web browsing experience that the normal browser already installed onto your phone.

The browser is very straight forward and you will definitely notice faster page loads and veyr cool features that the app has to offer.  The tap zoom features are extremely helpful to be able to zoom into a page and read or access the content shown.  If you browse the internet at all on your phone, this is definitely the app to have as it is highly rated.

The App is free which is a huge plus to any android user.  The things that this browser app has to offer is stability, extra web features and functions, and a nice double tap zoom.  This app makes it much easier to browse pages on the web from your mobile phone without all of the weird format issues that most mobile browsers have.



  • Extremely fast mobile web browser for the Android phone
  • Integrated technology to provide a full web browsing experience
  • Offers the Opera link to synchronize bookmarks with your computer
  • Has the ability to run tabbed browsing functionality
  • You can easily see the page closer with the double tap zoom feature.


Opera 5 Mini is an extremely fast internet browsing app that has been rated 4.8 out of 5 stars by other Android users.  Tabbed browsing is usually not in the traditional web settings of a mobile browser, but by having this technology it makes it much easier to flip between pages and surf the internet with ease on your mobiel phone.  The ability to sync up your computer book marks with your phone is ingenious.  This allows you to go to bookmarks on the go when you may have visited the book markes earlier that same day on your desktop or notebook computer.

Web designers everywhere love the Opera format and the way that the pages are displayed simply within the browser.  The ability to pinch zoom and show the pages close up with easy motions is another plus for the Android phone as it really shows off the hardware capabilites of the phone.

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