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The NewsRob Android app is an RSS / Atom reader that allows you to sync up your Android phone with your Google Reader.  You can get onto this app at any time of the day  and look over RSS feeds online or offline and mark you favorite ones.  You also have the option to categorize different topics, including your subscribed RSS feeds.  You can set the app to notify you when a new feed is available and you also have the ability to store content and feeds to your SD card.  This is great because it won’t use your internal memory to store data and various feeds.

The free version is great because it doesn’t cost any money but it does have a lot of different ads that are displayed all over it.  If you ever get sick of these ads you can upgrade to the pro version which is ad free and has a lot of additional features.  These features also include the Share With Note feature so that you can easily send feeds to your friends and family.  There is also a website that you can visit to see if any other updates are available for the app.  It has a lot of online support to help you get exactly what you want out of the app,

Once you download the NewsRob Android app you will love all of the information that is available to you.  Take advantage of this app today and get all of your favorite news feeds downloaded right to your mobile phone.  You can take the news of thew world with you anywhere you go!



  • Syncs your Google Reader up with RSS feeds using an Atom reader
  • There is a free download you can try to see if it is an app that you want to keep
  • You can upgrade to the Pro version to eliminate ads and get more features
  • Added features include the Share With Note option which lets you share feeds with friends
  • You can access feeds online as well as offline in order to stay on top of your favorite feeds
  • You can mark favorites, and also set the phone to send you notifications for your favorite feeds
  • You can store information on the SD card so it doesn’t take up internal memory


Voted 4.2 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently has a free download trial available.

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