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The Neuro3D Android app is a memory game that is very similar to “Simon Says”.  It uses a combination of 3D graphics, sound gameplay, and great narration to give you a mind tickling challenge.  This game was developed by Qubinox and they have done a great job of creating a memorable memory game that you will play over and over again.  The game will let you know if you have done well by either shouting “Failed!” or “Nice!”.  The main point of the game is to copy what you see happening on the screen.  There are interactive 3D blocks that will be displayed that will need to be either shaken, expanded, or wobbled depending on what the computer does first.  You will have to remember the sequence of events in order to get a friendly “Nice!” shoutout from the narrator.  As you progress through the game the sequences will get much harder and it will be quite a test of your mental capacity.

The 3D graphics are especially fun in this game, and you will enjoy reacting with them as you recreate the sequences.  The blocks are semi transparent and will light up when touched.  The background of the game is primarily black in order to give you a good contrast.  When you win or lose the set of events, the narrator will shout the appropriate command and the phone will shake in your hand.

If you want to try the game out before you purchase it, there is a 2D version called Neuro that is free to download.  Once you have been hooked, though, you will want to get the 3D version.  There is also an online score board so that you can see where you rate among other players worldwide.



  • Boasts 3D graphics that are fully interactive
  • Includes colored blocks that can be manipulated to finish the sequences
  • Narrator either shouts “failed”, or “nice” depending on how well you did
  • Simple gameplay and easy to use controls
  • Vibrating feature after you win or lose a sequence
  • Online leaderboard where you can check local and global scores


One of the better memory games on the Android, and its use of the 3D blocks sets it apart from other memory games out there.  It is a good combination of graphics, gameplay, and simple controls to bring a solid gaming app to the Android.

Voted 3.9 out of 5 stars by Android app users and is currently $1.28 to download.

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