Mystique. Chapter 1: Foetus Android app Review


The Mystique Chapter 1: Foetus Android app game is the first of two Mystique games that will challenge your mind and frighten your soul.  There are sure to be many more of these games as people catch on to the addicting puzzles and challenges that are placed in their way as they try to escape.

In Mystique Chapter 1: Foetus,  you awake in a very dark room not knowing where you are.  After a little bit of investigation you discover that you in a bathroom of some sort.  But this is no ordinary bathroom.  There is blood all over the walls and you don’t know why or how you got there, none of it is familiar.  You will need to search around the room, find clues, and escape before the unknown horrors get you first.

This is the kind of game that will keep you awake at night with its eerie sounds, music, and surprise visits from horrific creatures.   You will see poltergeists and other ghosts as you try to use the tools and clues that are given you to escape this dark and dreary place.

The gameplay is very intuitive and you can use the touch screen capabilities as well as a track ball in order to navigate around the room and gather all of the clues.  The game is also in 3D and looks to be the start of some visually pleasing puzzle games.  Once you master the strategy of this game then you should move on to Mystique Chapter 2: The Child.



  • A variety of different clues and tools that you have to organize and use in order to escape the horrors of the bathroom
  • You will figure out what happened in the bathroom and why you need to escape it
  • Enjoy the scares of randomly appearing poltergeists and other scary monsters
  • Boasts 3D graphics.  They may not be as good as the iPhone but it is a good start for the Android
  • Utilizes the touch screen capabilities of the Android


This seems to be a great start to a very scary line of apps for the Android.  It is refreshing to have a good horror app out there for the mobile market and this app seems to fit the bill quite well for the Android.  It is definitely worth trying out since a free download is available for users.

Voted 4.3 out of 5 stars and is currently free to download with the option to donate $0.99.

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