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Mechanics Touch Android app is a great puzzle game that lets you strategize how you are going to get your mechanics across the board.  It is very similar to the Lemmings game in that you don’t want your mechanics to get killed along the way.  You have to be witty and have fast fingers in order to get them all safely across.  There are many different obstacles to try get past including rocks, pits, enemies, land patches, spikes and more.  You will find yourself jumping on trampolines, removing all kinds of barriers and furiously working to clear land patches for all of your little mechanics to walk across.

This app also sports cartoon  like graphics that are fun and more impressive than most Android apps.  The gameplay is also very easy to get used to and is fun to control.  The only part of this game that can be frustrating is having to tap multiple obstacles, destroy enemies, make mechanics jump, and move different objects in order to complete a level.  But the challenges are half the fun, and you will find yourself mastering it in no time.

The Mechanics Touch app has four different large worlds that have 15 levels each.  This gives you 60 different levels to test your strategic mind on.  As you get better at multitasking and prioritize your moves, you can save all of the mechanics and beat the game! Get online and see where you rank among other Mechanics Touch players.  Try and get the highest score and get some respect!



  • There are 15 different levels to run your mechanics through in each world
  • There are 4 different worlds that have fifteen levels a piece
  • Interactive touch screen controls to help you multitask
  • Colorful 2D Cartoon Graphics
  • There are some fun sound effects and some exciting background music
  • Check online scores to see who is the top of the leaderboards
  • A variety of different obstacles to get past including rocks, spikes, land patches, and trampolines
  • You even have to get past enemies at some points in the game


This is one of the better puzzle apps out there on the Android.  It brings together graphics, gameplay, unique setting, and controls to be one of the best Android Apps of 2010.  This is definitely worth trying out and purchasing the updated app.

Voted 4.2 out of 5 stars by iPhone app users and currently has a free download available.

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