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LuckyStar app is your traditional 2D platformer that would be considered a very close cousin Mario.  In fact, this Android app even has brick squares you can jump on, just like in Super Mario World.  There are some major differences though, like the main story.  This gaming app takes place in PixelWorld where everything is upside down.  Literally, upside down.  An large destructive creature has invaded the land and thrown it for a loop.  This large force has freaked out all the plants and animals in PixelWorld, and now the PixelBit creature are attacking anything that comes around them.  You take the part of PixelBoy as you try and save the world by collecting all of the Solar Stars that have been scattered throughout the world.  Then and only then can you free the world from the unseen monster.

The LuckyStar iPhone app is a very addicting run and jump game.  You will enjoy dodging enemies and jumping on baddies all while searching for the “Lucky Star”.  Keep in mind that this game uses keyboard controls so unless you have an older version of the Android, it might not be worth downloading.  It works best with the multitouch onscreen interface.  Because of this fact, the controls take a little bit to get used to but once you do you will realize how challenging and fun the game can be.  The fun part about this app is that the level is frequently turned upside down so you have to maker sure you are able to land on something without dying.  You also can strategically place yourself before the flip so that you can get extra lives and more fruit.  The end of the game is pretty exciting, and you will feel some real satisfaction as you collect the stars and save the world.



  • Has 20 different levels you can play on
  • The board is frequently turned all the way upside down, so you have to make adjustments
  • Uses the basic multitouch system for the controls
  • Collect all the Solar Stars to win the game
  • Can gather stars, extra lives, and fruit throughout the game
  • Many different PixelBit creatures to watch out for as you navigate through levels


This game is meant for older version of the Android that plays these older Android apps.  With that being said, it still is an enjoyable platform and is worth a look.

Voted 4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and currently has a free download you can try out.

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