Light Racer 3D app Review


If you are a fan of motorcycles and racing games, this is the ultimate motorcycle racing game app.  Light Racer 3D is one of the better twitch arcade-style game apps available for Android users. You can even use the multi-player feature to go for head to head play with your friends using multiple phones.  These awesome futuristic motorcycles are in a race to the death, and the arena is totally 3D.  The multi-player community continues to grow all the time, so you can play with your friends or with someone across country as you place your 3D racing skills to the test.  Android app users can also go head-to-head with the computer and move up skill levels as you beat your best scores.  You can even host your own game if you are connected to Wifi and invite your personal friends for a private game. This makes this game app one of the more fun 3D game apps.

The intense Light Racer 3D graphics make it challenging as you try not to hit obstacles on the board while you try to outlast your racing opponent.  You have to watch out not only for obstacles, which tend to mout up, but you also have to watch out for hitting the wall, touching either your opponent’s light rays or your own light rays, and at the same time you work on getting the highest score. When you do hit the wall or run into your opponent while playing ‘chicken’ you will see how cool the effects are.  The explosion are so fun you may decide to run into the walls just to watch! Tapping left or right allows you to turn your bike, and tapping the arrows adjusts your field of vision from driver cockpit, aerial views or just behind the bike.




  •  Play against the computer
  • Join multi-player online games
  • Host your own game (with a Wifi connection)
  • Awesome concept
  • Intense 3D racing game
  • Easy to understand controls, just tap the touch screen
  • Variety of points of view to watch from
  • Lots of fun levels
  • Scoreboard includes all-time high scores
  • Speed trials level to work on your skills before joining a game
  • Challenging and unpredictable as speed increases and the  obstacles stack up
  • Vibration and sound
  • Accelerometer


The Light Racer 3D app is one of the most fun, addicting arcade-type game apps available.  Although it’s 3D graphics could be beefed up a bit, it has freat effects and cool explosions.  The multi-player pool is not real big yet, so it can be hard to find online games to join.  It is currently rated 4.4 out of 5 stars by Android app users and can be downloaded for free with the upgraded version running about $2.99.

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