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If you have ever played the game, Bejewelled, you will know in advance how addictingly fun Jewellust can be.  This classic puzzle game app is set in Ancient Egypt, complete with hieroglyphics and Egyptian-syle backgrounds to give you that fun, ancient ambience .  The graphics also include brightly colored gems of many shapes .  Android app users can swap gems in rows and columns and burst them to gather mosaic tiles and points.  You are working to beat the clock as you unlock the pieces of this cryptic puzzle.  You have to move each piece to the bottom of the column to free it so it goes into your cache.  Each time you clear enough rows and columns to unlock the puzzle pieces or the required number of tiles, you move up a level, as long as you beat the clock, that is.  As you move through the levels, you also move through seven pyramids and even an underground temple in you quest to get the power of Pharaoh.  Not only is focus required, but speed is of the essence.  Special items give you added powers and bonus points, for instance you can blast multiple jewels with a bomb or get time added to your score by clearing special items.

Jewellust was voted best puzzle game app in the first Android Network Awards, and you will see why this puzzle app received the award as you play this great Android app.  Clear rows with lightning  after getting combinations or use it strategically in this puzzle app as you work to release the pieces needed to move on before time runs out.  The sound mode has adjustable volume as well as on and off, so you can play this game app anywhere. You will really enjoy this addictive game app.  It can provide hours of challenging fun and is a must-have Android app.



  • Great 2D graphics include brightly colored gems, hieroglyphics and Egyption backgrounds
  • 30 levels of gem-swapping puzzle fun
  • 7 pyramids and Underground Temple
  • Helpful hints help you know what special items can do
  • Works with both focus and speed
  • Saves high scores (not in the lite version)


If you like challenging puzzle games and game apps, you will really like this one.  It is one of the favorite Android apps you can get for your phone.  Working to beat the clock as you clear rows and move the puzzle pieces down will give you hours of fun. Jewellust is a fun, addictive game that is curently rated4.3 out of 5 stars by Android app users, and can be downloaded for free or upgrade for $2.95.

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