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Do you love the GPS technology that your Android phone contains?  If so you will absolutely love the Foursquare app for the Android.  This application lets the geek in you connect to a new social networking sharing tool that records the places you visit as “Check-Ins”.  You can then invite friends, see where they are, as well as broadcast your location and status to the world and your friends.  Foursquare has a badge system that it uses to progress you through various levels of check-in accomplishments and tasks.  These tasks can range from a newbie classification to a mayor classification which means that you were the very first person to check into an area or location.  The app is also equipped with a leader boards section so you can compare yourself to your friends and other GPS geeks.

This app is really for people that like to hook up, meet new people, and get together to party or have a good time.  With the easily accessible features that allow you to share and broadcast your location, you are bound to find and meet some interesting people that will become future friends.  If you love to visit new places and like to take recommendations, this App for the android phone is definitely for you!



  • This app offers a very cool sharing service which records the places you visit and check into
  • This app awards you  badges as you complete tasks and check into new areas.
  • This app is smart with your battery as it does not drain it and uses it only when needed.
  • You can share your location via face book or twitter with your friends.
  • Leader boards are another fun feature to share with your friends and others.


This app has received a whopping 4 and a half stars out of 5!  This app was really a first of its kind when it first came out and has been widely popular on the Android phones because it allowed users to share their GPS locations and also rate local businesses and hot spots.  Now many other technologies are following suit with the new Google Buzz and facebook applications.  The fact is that people like to know where each other are and what each other is doing.  This app accomplishes these tasks as you can invite your friends to your location and even share hot spots that are worth visiting to have a good time.

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