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Flying Aces  is an (Air Traffic Control) ATC game app that allows you to control the aircraft as they approach the tower and land. This Android app is addictive and the unique game-play allows for hours of challenging fun.   This ATC game app has you drawing lines to land the planes successfully.  Using the excellent touch screen capabilities of the Android, you must land all of the incoming aircraft without crashing.  You must be careful and even sometimes clever to successfully avoid obstacles and steer away from mid-air collisions.   It begins quite simply, but as you get more aircraft landing, you also get new types of aircraft appearing, and they begin coming faster and faster.  Juggling all of the different aircraft and figuring out where they need to land and how to get them there without running into other aircraft or additional hazards becomes a very challenging and exciting part of the game-play of this ATC app.

 Like many other Android apps, Flying Aces is addictingly fun.  There are hazards that can come at you from any angle or appear suddenly on the ground right where you are trying to park your aircraft.  Grab the bonus items which can be used for the chance at another life or just be collected for extra points.  As you get better at it, you will want to compare your high scores online with players across the country and around the globe.  The graphics are good quality and are better than many other ATC game apps.  The sound effects add to the game-play.  Watch out for hazards as you use the touch screen to land your planes.  Gain Bonuses and Achievements as you improve your score.  There are eleven different game modes with various levels in each mode. Find more than ten different game modes that you can unlock through game -play.



  • Eleven different game modes
  • Touch screen controls
  • Simple premise that is Challenging and addictively fun
  • Avoid obstacles on the ground and in the air
  • Unlock ten extra game modes through game play
  • Pick up bonus items for points or for extra lives
  • Great graphics
  • Online scoreboard


Although some users don’t like that there are only a few airports currently available for this Android app, they still say it is an addictively fun game.  The demo version is downloadable for free, but has a ten minute time limit. Flying Aces ATC game app is currently rated at 4.5 out of 5 stars by Android app users, and the full version can be downloaded for about$3.20.

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