Drinkspiration by Absolut Android App Review


If you like the world of liquor and drink, this is definitely the app for you.  Lets paint the picture for you .  Imagine being at your own home or a friends, and seeing a mini bar.  The mini bar will have a selection of different drinks, and all of sudden you get in there and whip up something amazing.  All of your friends are super impressed with the drink you have created and ask, “how did you do that?”  At this point you can tell them, or keep it your little secret.  The Drinkspiration app for android is a virtual bartender.

This app was originally made for the iPhone but was converted over and tweaked for the Android phone application.  The Drinkspiration app by Absolut is a great way to learn recipes and make the perfect drink to entertain your friends at a party, or who knows, you can give the bartender a bit of instruction at your favority night club! 



  • This amazing android app touts over 450+ drink recipes!
  • The ability to share a drink recipe can be done over facebook or twitter with this app.
  • The app recommends the best drink on a set of parameters
  • These parameters include mood, time of day, bar vibe, drink color, liquor type and many other factors
  • The app also has a GPS locator that will show you what drinks are being made right in your local area.
  • The app is FREE!


This app has been given a 3.5 out of 5 star rating by users who enjoy drinking.  The application requires you to be over the age of 21 so it prompts you for your birthday when you start it up.  Once into the app, the database of fantastic drinks can be accessed from your fingertips!  This is the perfect app for someone who wants to broaden their drinking world or for those who really want to impress their friends and significant other at the mini bar.  This app is also perfect for people who wonder and ask the question, “what kind of drink should i have at this moment in time?”  The app will help give you suggestions as well as tell you the drinks that go really well with certain types of foods so that you can get the most out of a meal or moment.  Trying drinks will never be easier as this app is a great find for the android Google phone and is perfect for those willing to try new things.

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