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Everyone can benefit from a task manager app.  The better organized we are, the more we get done.  It is as simple as that.   Rather than carry around a bulky day planner or stuff your pockets with post-it notes, there is a better way to stay organized.  That is through the DoIt app found on the Android.  DoIt is an Android app that brings all of the classic features of an organizational app and combines it with an incredible easy to use interface.

When using DoIt, you will find that it is an extremely effective way of getting things done.  You have the option of creating new tasks, deleting old task, or just edit the tasks that have already been created.  Inside of each your tasks you can add important notes or set a date for it to get done by.   You can have the app notify you when the due dates are coming up or you can have it organize your task list based on priority of completion.  You can batch delete old tasks, and more.

One of the best parts about it is the ability to customize the app to fit your personality.  You can change the view mode with any of the tasks, and also pick your colors, fonts, and backgrounds.  Aside from the creativity factor, this is one of the best To-Do Android apps that are out there.  If you want to stay productive and make the most out of you time every day, then download DoIt today!



  • Extremely easy to use, and very straightforward
  • The custom interface is the best part of the app
  • Easy To-Do task manager options
  • You can edit, delete, or add new tasks
  • Have the ability to add notes to each tasks
  • Can set due dates, and reminders of upcoming due dates
  • Has sorting features as well


The only downside to this app is that to-do apps are a dime  a dozen on the Android.  Although this one does offer a very easy to use interface, they all seem to do the job of taking care of organizing tasks and holding you accountable.  This is one of the better ones, however, and you can’t go wrong by downloading it.  Also, it is free which makes it a pro for anyone that is looking for a quality app without busting the bank.

Voted 4.2 stars by Android App users and runs for around $1.49.

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