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This is the easiest and most time efficient way of using the current app market for Androids.  AppBrain Market Sync allows you to install and download Android apps directly from the internet.  You can browse through all of the different apps that are available on the market.  AppBrain Market Sync is connected to and allows you to select different apps from the website that you would like to download.  This site has a slew of different options to choose from including wishlists, popularity lists, app lists, searching, and more.

This app is very easy to use and it is as simple as just signing up.  The easiest thing to do is to go to your current Google account and install the AppBrain Market Sync app right onto your cell phone.  This initial investment of time will pay off because you only have to do it once.  Once you have installed the app, then get on the web from your laptop and pick the other apps you would like to download.  Load up the AppBrain Market Sync Android app and install them right onto the phone.  It makes downloading apps extremely simple.  If you queue the apps then you will have to make sure that you complete checkout before they will start installing on your phone.  Once they are downloaded, you have free reign to use whatever apps you picked.  When you are done using these apps you can just as easily remove them from your phone by using the removal features that are included in the app.



  • It is the partner to, and allows you to access it through your mobile phone
  • Get information and stats on your downloaded apps including storage size, category breakdowns, price vs. paid, and overall costs
  • Options to be able to share your app list with the public
  • Can install or remove any apps that you would like
  • Can view Android Developer Download Stats
  • View who’s producing the hottest apps and has the most downloads
  • Can also see which developers have the highest ratings that most Android apps on the market


This Android app is great because it is so easy to use, and it makes downloading other apps a cinch.  You can install and remove apps all via the web through your phone.  These smartphone apps are a must for any app user.  The only con is that you can’t completely control the installs over the web for the free apps.  Other than that though, it is a good find for Android users.

Voted 4.3 out of 5 by Android app users and is free to download.

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