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There is a virus that is threatening to destroy all of mankind.  It is an infection of extreme proportions and could prove to be the cause of the extinction of mankind.  It is up to you to direct the antibodies and save the world!  In the Antibodygame Android app you will be fighting disease and infection in order to save the human race.

This is one of those Android apps that offers a good amount of difficulty without becoming impossible.  This Antibody game allows you to compete in over 70 different levels and allows you to control how difficult each level is.  It really is an addictive game and can help you waste hours of time on end.  You goal is to cure all of the cells by spreading the healthy blue cells onto the the damaged and infected green and red cells.  If you slide your blue cells over you can accomplish the task quicker and build up a better defense against the oncoming virus.  You must continue to do this before the red cells take over all of the remaining cells.  You have to gang up on certain cells in order to oust the infected ones.  As you go through the game you will happen upon different power ups that can help you out in harder levels.  There is an online ranking board online where you can check the highest scores.

You don’t have to be a doctor to know that infections are bad.  Take control of the situation to kick some virus butt! Go to the app store and download the Antibody game today!



  • You must drag the healthy blue cells over the top of the green and red cells to win the game
  • Some of the infected cells are more powerful than others and require more strategy
  • Over 70 challenging levels to cure and move through
  • There are a variety of different power ups you can pick up to aid you in the harder levles
  • Online Rankings to see the fastest times and highest scores


This is a very addictive and challenging game as it offers over 70 levels.  You will get better at ganging up on the powerful infected cells and spreading health and wellness.  The only downside to this game is that it can start to become very repetitive by say the thirtieth level or so.  If repetition doesn’t bother you, however, then this is a great fit for you.

Voted 3.9 out of 5 stars by Android App users and currently has a free download to try.

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