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The classic game of chess has never been cooler!  AndroidKnight 3d Chess for the Android  is a fantastic app that brings the world of chess to life in pretty 3d form.  The graphics are supported by Google’s OpneGL and ES which is supported on the Android hardware in the phones it is on.  The app also includes compass support, unlimited undo, and a smart computer AI to keep you enthralled in the chess world for hours to come.

The game is Free to download here in the US and is beloved by chess players everywhere.  If you own an Android phone, this is a great gaming app that will challenge your mental capacity as well as provide gaming fun for hours to come.  Chess is a classic game which has several game pieces on a board that can be moved in certain ways determined by a set of rules.  The oponent is constrained by these same rules which makes for a very interesting game play session.  If you aren’t familiar with the game of chess, this is a great way to start learning this classic and addicting game.  If you are a pro at chess, you will find that the computer AI will keep you guessing and may even throw in a few unexpected moves to keep you on your heels.  Overall this is a fantastic Android App!

The menu interface is simple and has you use the phone on the 16:9 format.  This viewing format allows you to have ultimate screen space while being able to better prepare for future moves and strategies.  The computer AI comes in three different difficulty levels so that you can work your way up in experience within the chess game.



  • The entire game is in 3d
  • Spin and zoom options let you get close to the chess action to better make strategic moves
  • The game is played in landscape mode to show the most possible on the screen
  • 3 difficulty computer AI levels
  • Extremely addicting and fun!


This AndroidKnight 3d chess app for the android has received a 4.6 out of 5 star rating from android users.  Players love the beautiful graphics and the ability to get up close and personal with the chess pieces on the board.  This game is perfect for any chess lover out there that enjoys the challenges of strategy and problem solving.  The game is a great way to pass time and to sharpen and improve your chess skills.

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