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Android Apps just keep getting better and better.  iCommando is one of the top smartphone apps when it comes to mixing action and precision.  In iCommando, you take the position of a sniper who is on specific assignments to kill an assortment of enemies before the timer goes off.  To keep moving up in levels, you have to eventually kill the leader of the opposition.

This is a sniper game that also has an impressive storyline with it.  So many gaming apps today have good graphics wasted on a crappy storyline.  iCommando mixes story with smooth gameplay to create a combat oriented action app that you will play for hours and hours.  Overall, there are six different levels to play in, and many missions to accomplish in each of them.  You can also play at three different difficulty levels to improve your skills.  This game offers some fun graphics and also the ability to post high scores.  You can check other people’s high scores and work to beat them whenever you get a spare minute.

Last of all, the game includes some impressive sound effects and the battle scenes are action packed and are full of exciting tasks.  The game makes great use of the accelerometer and even vibrates the phone when you get hit in battle.



  • Six different levels to choose from
  • Three difficulty levels to test your precision
  • First Person Sniping actoin
  • 2D graphics and impressive storyline


This game features a lot of different pros and cons.  The pros are that it is a sniper game.  Who doesn’t like a sniper game?  It also has a fun and intriguing storyline and makes good use of the 2D graphics.  The cons are quite a few as well.  First of all, it can sometimes be slow to respond and hard to control.   Also, some of the goals get quite repetitive.  But the biggest gripe that comes along with this is just the control options.  The way the buttons are set up, it is easy to accidentally press the wrong buttons and screw up the entire mission.  Also the accelerometer is a little funky to use in this setting.  The last thing that could have been fixed is that they should have made the game in 3D!  It really would have brought the game to the next level and made it a more stunning visual experience.

Voted 4 stars by Android app users and is currently free to download.

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