Hulu Plus Now Available On Amazon AppStore

Hulu Plus Now Available On Amazon AppStore Finally, the official Hulu Plus can now be downloaded on a device that does not feature the official Android Market App! In an announcement made last week by Amazon, it said that Kindle Fire would support Hulu’s internet video app for TV shows and streaming movies. The app […]

Best Android Apps, Download Android Market 3.1.5

Best Android Apps, Download Android Market 3.1.5 Have you updated your Android Market Yet? There was a release of a new Android Market update which has been available for a few days now. The Android Market 3.1.5 has shown to run a lot smoother on Tablets and is much faster on smartphones than they previous […]

Glow Hockey Best Android Apps

Description Playing hockey right within the comforts of your own home is now made possible by android. Thanks to Glow Hockey. This very exciting game follows the same mechanics as hockey but it is played using your mobile phone. The mechanics of the game is to make sure that you score against your virtual components. […]

Robot Unicorn Attack for Android

Description Android’s Robot Unicorn Attack is a platform game by android that promises to bring you loads of excitement and thrills as you take a roller coaster ride chasing your dreams. Unicorns rare mythical creatures but in this game, you control them. Accordingly, being the robot unicorn will make you run fast and swing freely […]

AirAttack HD for Android

Description This two-part application by Android is definitely the hottest air attack game with impressive 3D graphics. It brings you straight to the battlefield with all the noise and the action. It comes with 8 great missions and enemy types that number up to 58. Thus, you will never get bored because of the many […]

Illusia App for Android

Description Every game of Illusia promises thrill and action as lots of stories unfold. This game of role playing is made even more exciting of graphics that are patterned from anime. Unlock the secrets that are buried deep in Illusia’s tower. While battling with mythical creatures and other characters, get inspired by its unique storyline […]

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  • Hopeless: The Dark Cave - Easy to Learn, Impossible to Master

    Hopeless: The Dark Cave – Easy to Learn, Impossible to Master

    If you’ll take a trip back down memory lane with me to Saturday’s once spent at the arcade, there is a very specific kind of game that was always the one of the most fun to play. Whether it was Galaga, or Pac-Man, or some other cabinet game, they all had one key component in […]

  • Hellfire the Summoning

    HellFire: The Summoning App

    HellFire: The summoning is quite an interesting game. Dangerous creatures have found a way to break the chains of hell. They have opened the gates and are now wreaking havoc in our world. You are the Gate hunter and you are tasked with the job of closing the rift between the two worlds and killing […]

  • Best Android Apps Mouse Trap

    Description What can be more exciting than helping a mouse trapped in a laboratory? This is the very essence of android’s Mouse Trap. It is a very simple game with the simplest mechanics yet it can be very addicting. Basically a puzzle game, Mouse Trap offers you the best gaming experience as you battle though […]

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  • Comixology Comics App

    Comics for Android

    The Comics app provides avid comic book readers access to the more than 75,000 comic books and graphic novels available for purchase or free download at the ComiXology comic publications aggregator. Through the Comic app, users can read downloaded content right from their device using ComiXology’s Guided View reader technology, an Internet-based reader. The technology […]

  • Mindjet Maps

    Mindjet Maps

    Overview Mindjet Maps for Android is a productivity app developed by Mindjet to help you organize and prioritize your life. It allows you to graphically organize pictures that you capture from daily activities, take notes and track activities. You can easily access this information from any place with internet or wireless connection. It is an […]

  • Marvel Mighty Heroes

    Marvel Mighty Heroes

    Marvel Mighty Heroes for Android is a new game which features some of Marvel’s famous characters. If you’ve seen recent Marvel movies than you’ll be familiar with most of the game’s cast. Though there’s a few characters which are going to be more of a treat to comic book fans. But whichever type of fan […]

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  • heyzap android app

    Heyzap Android App

    Description How would you like to know if what games your friends are up to? Perhaps, you might like to get a piece of the hottest and the latest game in town. All of these are possible with Heyzap. It lets you in with the latest game everybody in town is playing. Consequently, if you […]

  • Math Maniac Free Apps

    Description How far will you test your skills in addition? Are you looking for a game that will not waste your kid’s time? All these and more can be yours of you download android’s math Maniac. Just as the name suggests, Math Maniac brings out the wizard in you. In spite of its very easy […]

  • best android apps review cadeli drum machine

    Best Android Apps Review Cadeli Drum Machine

    The new music  making app the Cadeli Drum Machine is packed to the brim with features and different mixing capabilities. It supports the export of both WAV as well as MIDI audio files and has the most mixing capabilities of any music making app available on android. Some of the editing abilities include a humanizer, […]

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  • bestandroidapps-officesuitepro

    Best Android Apps OfficeSuite Pro

    This is an app that we’ve been waiting for.  OfficeSuite Pro lets you edit and view Word and Excel files.  It has a lot of great features and the integration with Google Docs is really important because there are a lot of businesses moving to the Google suite of products for business. OfficeSuite Pro also […]

  • free andorid app

    Best Android Apps MugMash

    MugMash is a fun photo app that allows users to combine different parts of faces to see what they would look like with somebody else’s eyes. It works by taking new photos of a face, or using previously taken photos from the iPhone camera app and swapping out parts. There is no limit to how […]

  • Tom Clancy's H.A.W.K. Android app Review

    Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.K. Android app Review

    Description: In Tom Clancy’s H.A.W.K. Android app you will be able to play one of the best first person fighter jet games ever. Features: In this amazing first person jet fighter game you will love how incredible the graphics are.  The entire thing is in a stunning 3D and you will get the sensation that […]

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  • 7 Weeks App

    Change your Life in 7 Weeks with the 7 Weeks App

    7 Weeks is an app that is perfect for those trying to lose a bad habit, like smoking or cursing. However, it can also be useful for adding good habits in your life, like working out. It gets its name from the 7 weeks is the time it takes to rid the habit, according to […]

  • 100 Doors 2

    100 Doors 2 – App Review

    100 Doors 2 is the much-anticipated follow-up to 100 Doors. 100 Doors is one of the most popular puzzle games in the history Google Play Store, and the game takes you through a series of doors that will unlock a great mystery. You do not walk through the doors without working hard for the key, […]

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